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Malaysian Motor Insurance and Takaful Award

2017 /2018

Finding the Best Motor Insurance Company

2019/20 Motor Insurance Survey started

Fill out the survey and help to find the Best Car Insurance/Takaful company in Malaysia. Get the chance to win great prizes!

Which are the Best Motor Insurance and Takaful Companies in Malaysia?

Between October 2017 and January 2018, over 8,600 Malaysians have shared their experiences with their motor insurance in an independent online survey, conducted by, that ended on January 31st, 2018. The survey has allowed us at iBanding to analyze all the responses gathered in order to identify the Best Motor Insurance and Takaful companies in Malaysia and produce rankings of insurance and takaful companies based on satisfaction level of the Malaysian vehicle owners.

Based on this study, Etiqa Group and Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Bhd (Takaful Malaysia) emerged the winners of the 2017/2018 Motor Insurance Award. An annual award that is given out to the top insurance and takaful companies as recognition of their degree of excellence and effort in customer satisfaction

Commenting on the rankings, iBanding Chief Executive Officer Luke Roho said: “The rankings of motor insurance and takaful companies provide transparency to Malaysians on which insurance companies provided the best service. Malaysia has over 20 companies that sell motor insurance. The rankings can help consumers in their decision to select the right company for them.”

He also emphasised that price is not the only factor consumers should look at when selecting an insurance provider. “The services that companies provide, especially during claims, are also important. This is why the Motor Insurance Award and insurance ranking take into account the claims experience of the drivers. They can help consumers decide which insurance company to choose. Etiqa and Takaful Malaysia have done an outstanding job in providing excellent service to its customers, which we recognize through the awards. ”

Motor insurance award winners

Category: Takaful

In the motor takaful category, Syarikat Takaful Malaysia ties with Etiqa Takaful Bhd at number one with 88 points. This is the second time Syarikat Takaful Malaysia wins the Motor Takaful Award. Malaysia has 4 Takaful companies that sell Shariah compliant Motor Insurance. The other two companies are Takaful Ikhlas and Zurich Takaful.

2 Takaful Companies Voted the Best in Malaysia

Category: Conventional Insurance

In the conventional insurance category, Etiqa Insurance Bhd ranked number one out of 17 companies. Second place is taken by Allianz Malaysia Bhd, who was ranked first last year.

Award - Presentation

Award presentation to Kamaludin Ahmad, CEO Etiqa Group Insurance & Takaful

“We are truly delighted to be named the winner of these two prestigious awards, not only for Motor Insurance, but also for the Motor Takaful.  At Etiqa we have always recognized the importance of providing exceptional customer service, and it’s an honour to be held in such high esteem by consumers. You can be sure that we will continue with our efforts to ensure that dealing with Etiqa is fast and easy, whether it’s through our claims processes, sales processing or post sales servicing.”

Kamaludin Ahmad, CEO Etiqa Group Insurance & Takaful 

Award presentation to Dato’ Sri Mohamed Hassan Kamil, Group Chief Executive Officer of Takaful Malaysia

“We are pleased to be recognized as the nation’s top choice for motor takaful for the second consecutive year. This recognition reflects the consumers’ approval of our motor takaful product and validates our brand as the preferred choice for insurance. Winning the award for the second time in a row gives us an advantage to further instate confidence and trust amongst the public. This is a good platform for us in getting the word out and entice car owners to make the switch to Takaful Malaysia to enjoy the great benefits and excellent customer service experience that we offer.”

Dato’ Sri Mohamed Hassan Kamil, Group Chief Executive Officer of Takaful Malaysia

How good are the other insurance and takaful companies?

Malaysia has over 20+ conventional insurance companies and 4 Takaful companies that sell motor insurance. It can be difficult to find the right company that fits you the best. iBanding’s Annual Ranking helps you compare how the companies have been voted by over 8,600 Malaysian in our annual motor insurance survey.

Best Car Insurance Malaysia 2018

1. Etiqa 86Points
2. Allianz 82Points
3. MPI Generali 81Points
4. Tokio Marine 80Points
5. MSIG 79Points
6. Liberty 79Points
7. Axa Affin 77Points
8. AmGeneral & Kurnia 77Points
9. AIG Malaysia 77Points
10. Lonpac 75Points
11. Zurich 74Points
12. Berjaya Sompo 74Points
13. Great Eastern General 72Points
14. RHB 72Points
15. Tune 72Points
16. Pacific Insurance 70Points
17. Pacific & Orient 56Points

Best Motor Takaful Companies in 2018

1. Takaful Malaysia 88Points
1. Etiqa Takaful 88Points
2. Takaful Ikhlas 82Points
3. Zurich Takaful 76Points

What is iBanding’s Motor Insurance Award (MIA)?

The Motor Insurance Award (MIA) is an annual award organized by iBanding an independent insurance education website. The Award is given out to the Best Motor Insurance and Takaful companies voted by Malaysians.

The award is announced alongside the ranking of the Insurance and Takaful companies. The goal is to provide the Malaysian consumers with independent information to help them decide from which insurance company to buy their motor insurance.

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Why is the Motor Insurance and Takaful Award important? How does it help?

Since the start of the Motor Detariffication or also known as “Liberalization of the Motor Insurance Tariff”, insurance companies are allowed to set their own prices for their motor insurance products, unlike the previous system where all prices were controlled by Bank Negara. With more and more insurance companies starting to charge different prices for their products, it has become increasingly important for Malaysians to compare not only the price for their motor insurance policies but also the quality offered by different companies.

Everyone can check the prices for insurance online now. Over 10 companies offer online quotation. You can find the latest list of insurance here.

However it is difficult to compare the service quality between the insurance companies. iBanding conducts the Motor Insurance Survey every year identify how good the customer service and claims service levels are. The best company in each category conventional insurance and takaful are awarded with the Motor Insurance Award.

Our Motor Insurance Award is not a recommendation to buy. Instead, it offers a guidance on which insurance or takaful company has provided the best service to the Malaysian that participated in the survey. This year over 8,600 Malaysians participate.

How does the ranking work? How are the winners selected?

iBanding ranks the insurance and takaful companies on actual feedback from Malaysian motorists with valid motor insurance policies. The final score is calculated based on multiple factors, such as customer satisfaction, years with the insurance company and claims experience.  The actual scoring model is not shared to avoid manipulation of the results. However, the model takes into account how much experience and touch points a customer has with their insurance company.

The Motor Insurance Survey is not paid or funded by any insurance or takaful company to ensure full independence, so that there is no conflict of interest.

Why are not all insurance companies listed?

The insurance survey was answered by over 8,600 participants, but not all insurance companies received enough response to give a fair judgement of their service and customer satisfaction level. Companies that did not reach the minimum number of responses are not listed.

How can I compare insurance prices?

Malaysia does not have a fully functional comparison website yet, where consumers can compare insurance prices. However, customers are still able to check prices online via the individual insurance and takaful companies’ websites. For a full list of insurance companies that sell motor insurance online. Check our article Comparing Motor Insurance prices in Malaysia after Motor Detariffication

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