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Digitalize and Grow your
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System (CMS) built for
Insurance Agents

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directory for insurance agents in Malaysia

Insurance Agent Directory

Create an Agent Profile Listing
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iBanding Insurance CMS

Easy Customer Management System (CMS)

Manage your customers with a
Customer Management System (CMS)
that is built for Insurance Agents

Develop your online brand on Malaysia's First Insurance Agent Directory

Malaysia's First Insurance Agent Directory

Have your own Agent Profile Listing to present yourself and your services to new potential customers.
Expand your reach to millions of prospects all over Malaysia. We get more than thousands of visitors each day looking for insurance information. Be there, if a visitor in your area is looking for an amazing agent who can help with their insurance questions.
Create credibility with our 5-star Rating System to boost your Agent Profile Listing and attract even more leads.
insurance agents directory in malaysia


Customer Management Made Easy

Customer Management System (CMS) for Insurance Agents

Manage all your customer contact details independent from the insurance companies
Go Paperless – Store key documents in the cloud and make them accessible to your customers
Set and send automatic reminders for yourself and your customer to remind on the next meeting or next payment
Manage your leads with easy “Lead Management” to improve engagement and conversion
Track interactions and activities for each customer to enhance customer relationship
Manage your customer contacts on the go with the iBantu Mobile App

Security is our priority


Daily Backups

Your data is daily backed up on secure off-site location on servers provided by Google.com.

PDPA compliant

We follow the strict guidelines provided by Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2010. Your data is save and compliant according to Malaysian law.

SSL/HTTPS encryption

We use commercial strength SSL/HTTPS encryption to communication with you and our browsers, so that no data can be intercepted when you view data through the web.

PCI DSS conform

We use payment gateways that follow Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for all their payment processes. This means that your or your customer transactions are secured as strong as any other commercial website. We do not store any credit card information on our servers.

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3 Membership Types


Pricing /

Agent Directory Listing

Listing Type

Insurance Categories

Review & Rating protection

Agent Verification

Agent Spotlight Article

Customer Management System (CMS)

Number of Customers

Auto Renewal Notification
(coming soon)

FREE Basic

Free Forever /

Agent Directory Listing

Normal Listing

1 Category

No, Review Protection

No, Agent Verification

Not qualified

Customer Management System (CMS)

Up to 10 Customers

No, Auto-renewal notification


RM 100 / yearly

Agent Directory Listing

Upgrade to Featured listing

Up to 6 Categories

Yes, Review Protection

Yes, Agent Verification


Customer Management System (CMS)

Unlimited customers

No, Auto-renewal notification


RM 600 / yearly

Agent Directory Listing

Upgrade to Featured listing

Unlimited Categories

Yes, Review Protection

Yes, Agent Verification


Customer Management System (CMS)

Unlimited customers

Yes, Auto-renewal notification

Description of the Features

Agent Directory

Listing Type

Featured Listing will appear at the top of each category before Normal Listings. The profile picture is bigger and the Short Description shows in the agent overview page.

Insurance Categories

The number of categories the Agent Profile will be shown. In Free Basic Membership, the Agent Profile listing will only show in one Insurance Category. Gold Membership can select 5 additional categories in which the Agent Profile will be shown. Platinum Membership has no limitation.

Review & Rating Protection

Free Basic Membership agents will not be notified if a review by a customer has been made. For Gold and Platinum members, agents are informed when a customer leaves a review on their Agent Profile Listing. An email will be sent to the agent with customer first name, rating and review comments. This can be helpful, when a bad review from a customer is made. You will have the chance to follow up with the customer to find out more about the review. If the disagreement cannot be settled, you have the chance to provide your side of the story in addition to the customer story.

Agent Verification

One of the most frequently asked questions by the customers is ‘How do I know if the agent is an authorised agent?’ When you provide us with your LIAM, PIAM or MTA number, iBanding will verify on the Associations website that you are a qualified agent and provide you with a “Verified Agent” badge to signal to the customers that you are a qualified insurance agents.

Agent Spotlight

In Agent Spotlight, we will write an exclusive article about you and feature you in our blog to increase your leads.

Customer Management System (CMS)

Number of Customers

CMS is like an address book, but super charged with powerful tools to help you organize and manage your customers. We call your contacts “customers”, because every contact in the system is a potential customer for you. When you sign-up as Free Basic Member, you can manage up to 10 customers in the system. Gold and Platinum Members can manage an Unlimited Number of customers.

Auto Renewal Notification - Coming Soon

Need to send out reminders for renewal to your customers? Send them out automatically.