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Welcome to’s Malaysian Insurance Agent Directory

– helping you locate an insurance agent you can trust.

There are hundreds of thousands of insurance agents in Malaysia, life insurance agents alone account to about 85,000. All Life Insurance Agents are required to be registered with the Life Insurance Agent Association of Malaysia (LIAM) before they are allowed market and distribute any Life insurance product. Unlike General Insurance Agents, Life Insurance Agents are only able to represent ONE insurance company.

For General Insurance, General Insurance Agents are required to be registered with the General Insruance Association of Malaysia, called PIAM ( Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia). For 2015, PIAM counted almost 40,000 General Insurance Agent. Unlike Life Agents, General Agents are allowed to sell insurance for TWO insurance companies. However, it is common practice in Malaysia to sell insurance from several companies by partnerships between insurance agents.

In this insurance agent directory, we would like to have a complete list of all the individual agents and agencies in Malaysia, both General and Life; Takaful and conventional insurance. This is to help the Malaysian consumers in locating an agent nearest to them. Additionally we offer a rating system which allows clients to rate the agents and agencies according to the experiences that they had with them. The information in this client experience rating system will be able to help other consumers in making sound decision when choosing an agent they would like to work with by understanding the level of client satisfaction with the service rendered by these agents. With this system in place, we hope to be able to help in improving the overall service level of the insurance practitioners hence raising the standard of professionalism for the industry.

If you are looking to buy an insurance policy and have identified the agent/s that you would like to contact, we highly recommend that you verify with LIAM for Life and PIAM for General to ensure that he or she is an authorized agent. You can do this online via the verification page here.

Life Insurance LIAM :

General Insurance PIAM:

We welcome anyone to add to the list any agent that they may have had experience with. Also, feel free to recommend the list to your agent or friends who are active agents. The more people provide feedback about their experience, the better the directory will become. You will be able to find out which agent provides super excellent support and which agents provide bad service. Help spread the word about bad agents so that people do not fall into their trap. We urge everyone to please be honest during rating. Thank you for your time.

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