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Finding Malaysia’s Best Car Insurance and Takaful Company

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Weekly Winners

Every week we draw from all valid survey responses one Lucky Winner to win RM 50 in cash or Petronas Petrol Voucher. Here are the winners so far. The next winner will be announced on January 23rd, 2019.

Past weeks winner

What is it?

Every year iBanding runs an independent survey to ask Malaysians about their car insurance. Last year over 8,600 Malaysians have shared their experiences about their car insurance and iBanding has ranked over 20 insurance companies from Best to Worst. iBanding ranking is unique, because it is not based on a panel of experts or jury members or paid by insurance companies. The results are only based on answers by Malaysian drivers with a valid car insurance in Malaysia.

Last year’s TOP ranked insurance and takaful companies in Malaysia

Best motor takaful insurance company in malaysia for 2018

How does it work?

It is simple : Click on one of the below links and start filling out the survey. That’s it. When participating you get the chance to win our Lucky Draw prize.

The quick online survey takes less than 5 minutes and asks you about 10-15 questions.

This year's Lucky Draw Prize

This year our Luck Draw prize is a smart phone. When you are the winner you can chose between an iPhone 8 or a Samsung S9. The choice is yours. Check out our page of last year’s winner to see that we are real and do give out prices to winners.

Increase your chances to win

Increase your chances to win by sharing your Lucky URL with your friends. Every time a friend fills out the survey you get 3 additional tickets to win.

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It really helps if you share your Lucky URL with your friends on facebook.

Who is iBanding?

iBanding educates on Car Insurance

iBanding as an independent insurance education webpage. We inform and educate Malaysians unbiased about insurance. Unbiased means that we do not sell insurance and do not favor any insurance company or product. We inform you about products and provide you easy links to purchase insurance online. If you need professional help on insurance, you can check out our Insurance Agent Directory to find Top Insurance Agents near you.

iBanding on TV

The Motor Insurance Award (MIA) is an annual award organized by iBanding an independent insurance education website. The Award is given out to the Best Motor Insurance and Takaful companies voted by Malaysians.

The award is announced alongside the ranking of the Insurance and Takaful companies. The goal is to provide the Malaysian consumers with independent information to help them decide from which insurance company to buy their motor insurance.

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What is Motor Detariffication?

Since the start of the Motor Detariffication or also known as “Liberalization of the Motor Insurance Tariff”, insurance companies are allowed to set their own prices for their motor insurance products, unlike the previous system where all prices were controlled by Bank Negara. With more and more insurance companies starting to charge different prices for their products, it has become increasingly important for Malaysians to compare not only the price for their motor insurance policies but also the quality offered by different companies.

Everyone can check the prices for insurance online now. Over 10 companies offer online quotation. You can find the latest list of insurance here.

However it is difficult to compare the service quality between the insurance companies. iBanding conducts the Motor Insurance Survey every year identify how good the customer service and claims service levels are. The best company in each category conventional insurance and takaful are awarded with the Motor Insurance Award.

Our Motor Insurance Award is not a recommendation to buy. Instead, it offers a guidance on which insurance or takaful company has provided the best service to the Malaysian that participated in the survey. This year over 8,600 Malaysians participate.

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