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Who is iBanding?

We are an independent insurance portal

  • We help educate the Malaysian consumer about insurance.
  • We help connect the Malaysian consumer with the best insurance agents who provide great service.
  • Through the voice of Malaysians, find the best insurance company in Malaysia.
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Finding you the best insurance

What insurance company is the best for you?

Our insurance company directory shows you all companies in Malaysia that sell insurance. Together with reviews and ratings from actual customers you can find out what other Malaysians say about their insurance company. Find out what other people have to say and decide if the company is the right for you.

Directory that provide all the insurance companies in Malaysia

Are you looking for an insurance agent?

We can help you in finding an insurance agent near you. You can take a look at our Insurance Agent Directory and search on your own or take our quick Quiz below and we will recommend some agents for you.

Malaysian Insurance Agent Directory

Review your car insurance

Have you checked your car insurance if you can save money?

For many of us the answer is “No”, because many of us do not pay special attention on our insurance when we renew it. This is a “BIG” mistake, because you can loose up to 20% on your insurance which can be several hundreds of ringgits.

Review your car insurance with us. Answer a few questions about yourself and send us a picture of your current car insurance. We will let you know if you have the best insurance or can save money during your next renewal.

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Do you need Life Insurance?

Take the Life quiz

Many people say that you need to buy life insurance to start savings or help protect your family in case of your death. But this is  not true! There are life situation where a Life Insurance is not the best choice and you lose money, because you are not considering other choices. Check out our video and learn more about it. Check out our quiz to find out if you need life insurance.

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What else do we offer?

Insurance Company Review & Rating

You are happy with your insurance company and would like to share it with others? Or you are unhappy with your insurance company and want to warn others? Check out our Review & Rating website and find out what other people have to say about Malaysia’s insurance company. Join and add your own review and share with others.

Motor Insurance Award 2015

We have asked thousands of Malaysian’s to provide us feedback on what they think about their motor insurance company. After days of evaluation, we have determined for you independently who you think are the Best Motor Insurance Companies in Malaysia. You need to renew your motor insurance. Check out the results and see how your current insurance company compares to others. The results are FREE for you.

COMING SOON – Who will be the Best Motor Insurance Company in 2016?

We will start our 2016 PrizeGive Away soon to find out who the best motor insurance company is in Malaysia. Stay tuned! Last time we were the first to give out Apple Watches.

About Us



Established in 2015, iBanding comprises a team of members with over 15 years of experience in the insurance industry.




Make Malaysia a better place by empowering Malaysians to find and choose the right insurance at the best price.




We want to improve transparency in Malaysia to help customers make informed decisions on their insurance that is our main objective


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