08 Finding you the Best Insurance in Malaysia 2018

Finding you the Best Insurance in Malaysia

Finding you the Best Insurance in Malaysia

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Certificate of Excellence

Certificate of excellent 2018

Only the Best Agents in Malaysia get the Certificate of Excellence. It is Malaysia’s first award based on customer service and not how good the agent is in selling insurance. Find out the best agents of each year below.

Best Agents of 2018

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Insurance Guides for Malaysians

Guide To Car Insurance

Car Insurance / Takaful online

Find out which insurance companies sell car insurance online.

Guide to Medical Card

Medical Insurance / Takaful

Understand what types of medical insurance are sold in Malaysia

Best travel insurance in Malaysia

Travel Insurance / Takaful

Find out what insurance companies sell Travel insurance in Malaysia and more.

Consumer Reviews & Ratings

Malaysia's Best Car Insurance

Best Car Insurance

Find out who is the Best Car Insurance / Takaful company in Malaysia


Best Insurance Companies

Find out what over 10,000 customers think of their insurance company

Best Panel Hospitals

Find out which hospital is the Best near you

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How to save on car insurance in Malaysia?

In this short article we the 5 best ways to save on your car insurance in Malaysia. Since the start...Read More
October 8, 2018

Berjaya Sompo Upgrades its Car Insurance with SOMPO Motor

Today Berjaya launched its new Car Insurance product “SOMPO Motor”. It brings new improved features to provide better service to...Read More
October 2, 2018

Compare Car Insurance in under 5 minutes in Malaysia

Do you need to renew your car insurance? Are you looking for the cheapest car insurance? We have created a...Read More
October 2, 2018

AXA FlexiDrive Telematics insurance explained and reviewed

AXA FlexiDrive Telematics is the first car insurance for consumers that uses telematics to set the price for insurance. This...Read More
September 20, 2018

Meet amazing insurance agents with 5 star rating

2018 Certificate of Excellence

The Certificate of Excellence is a yearly honor that is given to the agents in the directory who have achieved notable number of positive reviews and ratings from their customers. Find here the current winner list of 2018.

Past Winners: 

Certificate of Excellence 2017: 22 Insurance and Takaful Agents

Cakap-Cakap Insurance: 5 Common Mistakes When Buying Medical Insurance

Samuel Raj speaks about the 5 most common mistakes Malaysian consumers make when it comes to buying their medical insurance plans. Watch it on youtube here: Cakap-Cakap Insurance: 5 Common Mistakes When Buying Medical Insurance

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